Henry Corbin Study Class

This class will commence with translating and discussing Volume One of Henry Corbin’s four-volume masterpiece, En Islam Iranien (Inside Iranian Islam). In this volume, subtitled Spiritual and Philosophical Aspects, Henry Corbin elaborates upon the Twelver ShīꜤī concept of imamate (sacred leadership) and spiritual path in the ShīꜤī tradition.

Importantly in his study, Henry Corbin challenges the secular understanding of time and posits that, in order to apprehend the true teaching of this tradition, it is necessary to revive a ‘way of seeing’ that can perceive the more subtle ‘time of the soul’.

Sessions are £20.00/$25.00 and seventy-five minutes long. Once you have booked, you will be sent the Zoom link and a copy of the text that we will be discussing.

Classes are every Tuesday from 18th June 2024 19:30-20:45 UK time and also every Sunday (excluding Ashura and Arbaeen) from July 14th 2024 16:30-17:45 UK time. You can attend either day.

If you prefer another time, please contact [email protected].

Topic: Chapter One ‘ShiꜤism and Iran’.

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