The Centre for Shia and Cultural Studies offers short courses for busy people who want to know more about Shīʿī Islam (tashayyu’). All you have to do is to book a course and be on-line when the tutor is giving the lecture. You can download reading materials, or access them on your phone, and have the opportunity to ask questions. As well as the tenets of tashayyu’, you can study about esoteric knowledge in tashayyu’; early Shīʿī history; Islam in Africa and world literature from different continents that critique dominant secular Western ideologies.

The Centre for Shia and Cultural Studies also gives personal on-line tuition for Higher Education students, whether you are taking your ‘A’ Levels, your BA, your MA or your PhD. Our goal is to empower through knowledge.

Our Tutor

Dr. Rebecca Masterton has graduated with a BA in Japanese Language and Literature; an MA in Comparative East Asian and African Literature and a PhD in Islamic literature of West Africa, in which she critiqued the effects of secularism and colonialism upon traditional Islamic teachings on the self, from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

The Shīʿī Path

Owing to centuries of State persecution of the Imams and their followers (Shīʿa), the profound teachings that Prophet Muhammad (s) transmitted to Imam ʿAlī ibn Abī Talib (as) have not become widely known. Today, many Muslims still risk their lives in following the Shīʿa path; some are obliged to keep their adherence hidden. Nevertheless, this tradition remains as a treasure for those seeking authentic knowledge and beauty.

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