Academia & Institutes

Academic proofreading and editing

The Centre for Shia and Cultural Studies is available for proofreading and editing essays, dissertations and PhDs. Dr. Rebecca Masterton has experience of working on projects that have gone to publication with IB Tauris; PhDs for various universities, including the School of Oriental and African Studies, London and Exeter University, and articles for academic journals such as Transcendent Philosophy. Rates are £12-£17 per thousand words.

Please contact [email protected] for any inquiries.

Co-operation with Institutes

Meher Library and Jafari Seminary in Gujarat, India, has translated our courses into Gujarati, and teaches them at their seminary.

The Centre for Shia and Cultural Studies has also run its courses in person for Hawzatul Hidayat in Trinidad-and-Tobago for their 2019 summer hawza programme.

Contact [email protected] for a discussion on how the Centre for Shia and Cultural Studies can work with your institute.

Donate to help fund translations

The Centre for Shia and Cultural Studies was established in 2013 by Dr. Rebecca Masterton. Currently funds are being raised to go towards getting Shi’i Spirituality for the Twenty-First Century translated into Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Turkish, French, German and Spanish. If you would like to contribute, please go to the Paypal address: [email protected], stating what the donation is for. Thank you.