Passing through the Dream reviewed on Goodreads

Passing through the Dream has been reviewed on Goodreads, here: Passing Through the Dream… To the Other Side by Rebecca Masterton (

One word about ‘vagueness’, or ‘ambiguity’: I was experimenting with Japanese forms of literature. In the Western form of literature, a story has a beginning, a middle and an end. This is not the case in Japanese literature. Western literature is meant to state its purpose in such a way that everything is spelled out without mystery, so that the meaning of the text can immediately be understood according to the conventions of Western rationality. Western-trained minds generally get frustrated with ambiguity. Ambiguity of meaning, or ‘vagueness’ plays a large part in Japanese culture. Ambiguity opens up numerous possibilities of meaning, thus leaving it up to the reader to reflect. A space of ambiguity is a space for exploring, experiencing and contemplating. The realm of ambiguity is a realm of mystery that challenges the rationally-trained mind