Dr Rebecca Masterton has seventeen years’ experience of teaching at a range of levels.  She has taught privately for one-to-one tuition; in-house at colleges, hawzas and universities; and on-line for various distance education courses. She has also tutored Masters dissertations and edited PhD dissertations.

Online Shi‘a Studies is available for on-line group workshops. You just need a laptop and some chairs. I have held class sessions with hawza students in Syria and with the Shī‘ī community of Glasgow. Split the cost of a class among as many people who wish to attend.

If you would like one-to-one tuition on-line, simply write to info@onlineshiastudies.com, stating the subject, the topic and times that you can be on-line. You can then book as many classes in advance as you wish through Paypal. Classes are £20/$28 per hour. They can be held either through Skype at an agreed time.

To book a one-hour class please click below:


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Academic proofreading and editing

Online Shi‘a Studies is available for proofreading and editing essays, dissertations and PhDs. Rebecca Masterton has proofreading and editing experience for projects that have gone to publication with IB Tauris, PhDs for various universities, including the School of Oriental and African Studies and Exeter University, and articles for academic journals such as Transcendent Philosophy. Rates are £12 per thousand words.

Please contact info@onlineshiastudies.com for any inquiries.


Co-operation with Institutes

Meher Library and Jafari Seminary in Gujarat, India, are working with Online Shi‘a Studies to translate Online Shi‘a Studies courses into Gujarati, to be taught to the seminary’s students.

Online Shi‘a Studies is also running its courses for Hawzatul Hidayat in Trinidad and Tobago for their 2019 summer hawza programme.

Contact info@onlineshiastudies.com for a discussion on how Online Shi‘a Studies can work with your institute.